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Kenneth L. Maloney, PhD, Inc.

CalPenn Associates, Inc. & Combustion Services, Inc.

The Company

Kenneth L. Maloney, PhD, Inc. (refered to as KLMCo) and its sister companies, Calpenn Associates, Inc. and Combustion Services Inc., provide tailored solutions to combustion problems, offering innovative solutions, state-of-the-art products and patented design improvements that optimize business efficiency while reducing pollutants and harmful emissions.

The Innovator

Kenneth L. Maloney, PhD, Inc. President, Dr. Maloney, has more than 40 years of academic and applied research experience in fuels and combustion. He uses the underpinnings of basic physics and chemistry to solve problems relating to combustion generated air pollution as well as problems with all types of combustion equipment.

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The Results

Our unique burner and combustion designs have revolutionized the industrial processes of many US companies, as well as those of countless emerging markets overseas. The expert consultation services we provide are sought after by corporate as well as government representatives who wish to increase productivity and decrease unnecessary and harmful pollution. Additionally, our partners in China have offered to us exclusive rights to sell top-of-the-line parts and pieces for burners stokers, baghouses, and more! As a result, we can bring you beautiful industrial products, made out of top quality materials for as low as half the cost of leading competitors!

Renewable Energy / Cogeneration

Supply or Turnkey Designs, Engineering & Installation of Renewable Energy Plant Systems, District Heating & Cooling Systems or Coal-Fired Power Plant Systems, including:

New & Used Equipment Sourcing

Emission Reduction Designs

Expert Consultation Services

Issues include, but are not limited to:

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