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Green Philosophy

“Improving business is not mutually exclusive to improving the world we live in.”

There has only recently been global comprehension of the importance of emission reduction and environmental preservation. Long before the issues of global climate change became a worldwide concern, Dr. Maloney had dedicated himself to creating functional, progressive, and practical changes to the field of power generation. His simple and fundamental principle; that small changes can produce dramatic effects, led him to his current status as an expert in the field.

Dr. Kenneth L. Maloney, Ph.D. is a pioneer in the field of emissions reduction. His 40+ years of experience in this field, as well as countless innovations pertaining to combustion technology, enables his company to be a forerunner in the environmental movement. Even prior to the pivotal shift in focus towards alternative green energy and emissions reduction, Dr. Maloney was focusing on the fundamental problems of technological inefficiencies and the environmental problems that arise because of them, all while developing and applying real solutions.

Kenneth L. Maloney, PhD., Inc. continues to grow and offer more innovative and eco-friendly technologies. From retro-fitted boiler solutions, state-of-the-art circulating fluid bed boilers and stoker boilers to low emission burners and ultra-efficient bag houses, KLMCo continues to contribute a positive impact on the environment. KLMCo upholds its fundamental commitment to providing efficient and innovative technology that benefits both the environment and the customer.

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