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Multi Fuel Circulating Fluid Bed Boiler 75T/H, 3.82mPa

Rated Steam Output: 75 t/hr
Rated Steam Pressure: 3.82 MPa
Rated Steam Temperature: 450°C
Feedwater Temperature: 130°C
Hydro Test Pressure: 7.3 MPa
Flue Gas Temperature Leaving: ~150°C
Designed Coal: Mixed Coal
It's LHV as received 12558-23000hJ/kg
Coal Size: 0-10mm
Matter of Combustion: CFB
Desulfurization Agent: Limestone, Ca/S = 2.5
Boiler Designed Efficiency: ~ 89.5%
Sulfur Capture Efficiency: ~ 90%

The CFB Boiler will be designed, Manufactured, assembled and operated in compliance with the following codes and standards:

  1. In full compliance with ASME, UL, CSA & TSSA code requirements
  2. The supervision code for safety operation of steam boilers
  3. The technical condition for coal fired utility boilers (JB/T6693-93)
  4. The strength calculation of pressurized water tube boilers (GB/T9222-88)
  5. The technical acceptance rule of power electricity construction (boiler chapter) (DL/T5047-95)
  6. The standard of water & steam quality for thermal power unit and steam power equipment (GB12145-99)
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