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Stoker Boiler 65 T/H, 2.5 mPa

The Boiler in this series is a single drum, natural circulation, water-tube boiler. It adopts a П arrangement, with the water wall separated into multiple independent circulating loops which are in a precise location, ensuring water circulation is safe and remains unobstructed. As a result, the furnace contains two arches; the front arch is a tall arch, while the rear arch is lower and longer. The boiler can create strong turbulence at the throat to form a gas eddy which facilitates the ignition of the fuel and ensures a complete burn. A staged coal feeder is included. Optimum ventilation is maintained in the coal layer on the grate. This is beneficial for complete coal combustion and enhances combustion efficiency, which in turn reduces the carbon content in ash and prevents slag.

Boiler Specifications:
Rated Steam Generated: 65 t/h
Rated Steam Pressure: 2.5 MPa
Rated Steam Temp: Saturated
Feed Water Temp: 105 deg C
Hot Air Temp: 136 deg C
Cold Air Temp: 20 deg C
Designed Coal: Bituminous Class II
Designed Efficiency: >80%
Flue Gas Exit Temp: 156 deg C
Hydraulic Testing Pressure: 3.125 MPa

The Stoker Boiler will be designed, Manufactured, assembled and operated in compliance with the following codes and standards:

  1. In full compliance with ASME, UL, CSA & TSSA code requirements
  2. The supervision code for safety operation of steam boilers
  3. The technical condition for coal fired utility boilers (JB/T6693-93)
  4. The strength calculation of pressurized water tube boilers (GB/T9222-88)
  5. The technical acceptance rule of power electricity construction (boiler chapter) (DL/T5047-95)
  6. The standard of water & steam quality for thermal power unit and steam power equipment (GB12145-99)

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